Asheville to Williamsburg

Oh dear, that’s a long drive. Don’t let anyone kid you, it’s a really long drive. The beginning was interesting. I-40 coming out of Asheville is a lot more winding and downhill than I’m used to. You know the road … Continue reading

Biltmore In A Day Not For Wimps

View from the Streets of Asheville North Carolina

Okay, if you’re ever planning a trip to Asheville and you really want to see the place (and I recommend it), allow yourself a few days at least. I really only had one full day. If I had hit the … Continue reading

Alpharetta to Asheville

Not a ton to report from the first leg of the journey. Got an early start this morning (for me), leaving Alpharetta around 8am. The stretch to Greenville got pretty monotonous. Shift right to pass, shift back left, shift right … Continue reading