The Long Ride Home

So, it’s Sunday, and I finally have the energy to relate the journey back to metro ATL. I was good for my word and got an early start. Unfortunately, I had piddled about the night going through the photos from … Continue reading

Asheville to Williamsburg

Oh dear, that’s a long drive. Don’t let anyone kid you, it’s a really long drive. The beginning was interesting. I-40 coming out of Asheville is a lot more winding and downhill than I’m used to. You know the road … Continue reading

Alpharetta to Asheville

Not a ton to report from the first leg of the journey. Got an early start this morning (for me), leaving Alpharetta around 8am. The stretch to Greenville got pretty monotonous. Shift right to pass, shift back left, shift right … Continue reading

From Chasing Sunrise to Chasing Sunset

It occurred to me on the flight back today that the trips to Europe tend to be made overnight, i.e. in search of the sunrise, but the flights back are all chasing the sunset, such that it feels like I … Continue reading

National Lampoons European Vacation or Return to Roma

Brandy and I got up this morning. The room still wasn’t what either of us would call hot but far warmer than anything we’d experienced to date in Sorrento. We briefly saw the night clerk last night when we got … Continue reading

Home & The Long Way Round

Today was my first full day back in the states. Incredibly tired. I guess a combination of being on the go every day for a week and jet lag. Going the other way was not nearly so tiring, I know. … Continue reading

Houston, The Eagle Has Landed

Well, it’s really London, and it was more of a 767 than an Eagle… At any rate, I arrived here a bit after 11am. The drive to the airport was hell. Apparently an accident on I-285 which backed up 400 … Continue reading