On The Horizon

Street Photography - picture of people on London's Millennium Bridge

I’m still working on photos from England in September and my next trip is literally on the horizon.  I’ll be in Costa Rica just a few days after Christmas, and in Nicaragua when the New Year rolls around.  I’ll accumulate … Continue reading

Is It Midnight?

Okay, for weeks, I’ve been hating how dark it was in the morning.  The late sunrise made it seem even harder to rise and shine.  Okay, I never shine, but I do rise.  Now the sun is going down too … Continue reading

England Wrap Up and Arts News

I’ve been back in the states for over a week now.  There are days it feels like I never left in the first place.   There are always a little bit of the blues whena trip ends.  That’s how you know … Continue reading

What Was That

That was my time in the UK whizzing past at a bit over the speed of sound.  I fly back in the morning.  I should rightly be in bed already.  I for some reason thought I had a flight back … Continue reading

Purpose as a cautionary tale

I lazed about a bit this  morning.  Because my two nights here were unintentional and there was, in fact, only one spare bed tonight, I have to change rooms the first two mornings.  If I hung out until 10am I … Continue reading

Looking Back

I have no idea where to begin.  I really haven’t properly logged my experience in Cornwall, and I don’t have my notes with me and I’m bushed.  For the moment, we’ll leave it at incredible.  Newquay was a gorgeous piece of … Continue reading

Where Lands End

Day 3 in the UK.  I wandered a lot my first afternoon. Bright and early the next morning was my meeting with the Haggis Tour bus for my Cornwall tour.  It’s a relatively small group of 10, which I think … Continue reading

Fuel Required

Although I was doing my usual scampering around at the last minute Saturday, getting to the airport that night was relatively simple. Hardly any wait for the train, chech-in, or security. I walked the whole distance from the main terminal … Continue reading

Travelers ADD And Other Tales

Well, first to follow up on my post about the old laptop, yes, I bought a mac.  I splashed out on a macbook pro, but I bought a refurb.  They carry the mac warranty (and I used the savings to … Continue reading