From Chasing Sunrise to Chasing Sunset

It occurred to me on the flight back today that the trips to Europe tend to be made overnight, i.e. in search of the sunrise, but the flights back are all chasing the sunset, such that it feels like I … Continue reading

Last of the Roman Holidays

I went to bed reasonably early last night after finishing a book and recharging my phone (I’m a bit afraid to leave it plugged in while asleep on foreign currents). still, when I went to bed, my other two room-mates … Continue reading

Dead Feet Don’t Dance Or Something Like That

Long day. Up earlier than usual to see Brandy off to the train bound for the airport and her flight home. Two more days I’ll be doing the same trek myself. Since I was up early, I decided that I … Continue reading

National Lampoons European Vacation or Return to Roma

Brandy and I got up this morning. The room still wasn’t what either of us would call hot but far warmer than anything we’d experienced to date in Sorrento. We briefly saw the night clerk last night when we got … Continue reading

By The Skin of our teeth

Where to start? I’ll save some suspense and first describe where I am because this alone is a unique experience. The only night time internet spot in Sorrento as far as we can tell is a club. We laughed last … Continue reading

And Now For The Unexpected

Well, I guess adventure is fun. In the future, when we talk of this, I will refer to this as an opportunity to spend another day in Roma. I got everything packed up last night and thought I was doing … Continue reading

Here Comes The Rain Again

Well, I’m batting zero on getting up early. If I get up as late tomorrow as I did today, Brandy will be waiting alone in the train station! In other words, I woke up after 10am. I was up late. … Continue reading

A New WET Year

Off to a spectacular start for the new year if you’re a fish. This is becoming a trend for me as New Years in Edinburgh last year was so wet that I went and watched a movie… now there’s an … Continue reading

Bumpy Streets, Aching Feet and oh my only Day Two

Okay, so I didn’t accomplish nearly as much today as I figured I would but it was a nice day. Last night when I got back, I met one of my (barely) room-mates, a guy (I swear) whose name was … Continue reading

Doing it like the Romans?

First off, if you see any weird characters or out of place symbols, blame the Euro keyboard for having characters I’m not used to in the place where I’m used to characters I need. I had less trouble with UK … Continue reading