Open Road Dreams

I chose to break apart my old site/blog a couple of years ago with the feeling that it lacked focus. People interested in my art weren’t per se interested in reading my travel observations, and vice versa. And this is not to mention my random musings on the world. So, Open Road Dreams was born. It’s most active when I’m actually out on the road traveling, but I hope in time to create some detailed post-trip observations about some of my favorite destinations and other travel related content.

To be fair, I have a certain degree of rose colored glasses syndrome. I don’t believe I’ve been anywhere I regret and I would happily go back again to most all of those places. Yet, you may uncover the occasional curmudgeonly comment from my time on the road.  I very much hope you’ll either be entertained by my tales or maybe inspired to travel yourself!

In the general disclaimer category, most of these posts were written while traveling – sometimes in internet cafes, other times on my iPhone, so there are typos, etc. Rarely have I had the chance to go back and truly edit my tales on the road, so I present them to you warts and all but with much love for the places I’ve been and the opportunity I’ve had to see our world.

Start Spreading The News – I’m Leaving Today

Brooklyn Bridge in the Winter Sun

Okay, I lie a little, I’m leaving tomorrow, and it’s not New York bound but a New York departure. Still, those lyrics have been in my head all evening. And I honestly can’t decide whether it’s a happy or sad departure. I think we’ll call it bittersweet. There’s certainly a side of me that’s looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and not feeling like I need to get up and out the door to explore each day. But there’s always a little sadness when a journey, however short, concludes. I’ve got an incomplete project awaiting my return, and I’ve made myself promise not to begin the photos from this trip until I’ve finished that project, so hopefully that will be enough incentive for me to crack down and complete it.  I know there are both Quebec photos and New York City photos that I’m anxious to edit. So, … Continue reading

Lights Are Bright on Broadway

Times Square at Night

Ah, another day of walking my feet off! The blisters and shin splints are cursing my name, but they are also gradually getting quieter. I think this is primary evidence that I have not walked nearly enough lately. Granted one doesn’t have to go from zero to sixty… Oh well! I don’t have a ton of interesting news. There’s only so many ways to describe ambling from one location to another or wandering aimlessly. I guess I had a couple of targets. I went back down to the Flatiron Building. I did say I was obsessed with it, didn’t I? I had a thought to take some long exposures of it with my neutral density lens. Only the photo geeks got past that sentence, so suffice it to say I took more photos, and then I wandered up Broadway. I went across 42 street to The Chrysler Building and tried … Continue reading

New York City By Foot

Grand Central Station - New York

I very nearly stayed off the trains today. it wasn’t so much a desire to stay away from them as no desire to go too terribly far. Plus, I rather like the idea of walking and seeing what there is to see above ground more so than under. It was another of those late start days. That was pretty much a given seeing a movie late and walking back after. In fact, just all that walking period yesterday. But when I finally got moving, I had lunch/breakfast and really didn’t stop moving for quite some time. I don’t have a ton of photos to show for it, but I enjoyed the walk up until a point. I definitely have gotten a clearer idea of my way around this part of the city. I walked down to the Flatiron Building. I wanted to take some long exposure photos around dusk. I … Continue reading

Getting Lost in New York City – There’s an App for that!

NYC Subway Natural framing

After yesterday’s travel adventure, it didn’t take much of a crystal ball to foresee a late start to the day. But it was a nice late sleep and then I woke up to a fantastic day in New York. The temps today were close to 60 degrees! It was like they brought back fall just for little old me! I snagged lunch and set off for the Statue of Liberty. When I was here back in 2009, I saw it from a tour boat and the Staten Island Ferry, but the day I’d intended to go out to see it in person, it poured rain. This was my next shot. Looking at the weather, it’s also the nicest day in the forecast while I’m here. And thus began my first foray into the city. Compared to last time, I was completely unprepared. I had no idea where the nearest subway … Continue reading

Au Revoir Quebec, Hello Big Apple

Wow, what a day! All I can say is that getting to your intended destination in the end is worth it, I can’t complain, but I’ll tell you the tale anyway! First off is the admission that in one way I’m not a good traveler. I have anxiety the night before flying. I’m not scare of flying, I’m scared of missing my flight. It’s happened a couple of times, probably has to everyone who flies enough, and in the end, it has always worked out, but it’s still a phantom in the closet when I go to bed the night before a flight. I got perhaps four good hours of sleep last night, and then it was up every hour (or less) to look at the clock. When it finally was time, I sprung into motion. I had lunch at 7:30am because I was up so early. Then I packed … Continue reading

Quebec – Making the Most of Winter

Battlefield Park - iPhone View of Quebec Skyline

The title of this post may not be a direct quote, but it’s the essence of a sign I saw for the upcoming winter carnival here in Quebec City. And I think that statement goes a long way toward explaining the outlook here, making the most of the cold weather because it’s what you have. I’ll try to take that concept home with me and make more of the hot humid days of summer – ha! But I think today I made as much as I could of the cold weather. It was finally not in the negative territory. In fact, supposedly the high was in the upper teens on ye olde Fahrenheit scale. It’s funny that it actually DID feel warmer to me despite the temps still being in a territory that would be considered awfully cold and newsworthy back home. I wasn’t ready to go dancing around the meadow in … Continue reading

Sleepy Day in Quebec

Clean Clothes are Nice but nothing glamorous about the process

Ah, I guess some things are similar to home. The sun came out and the cold came. It’s much more dramatic here but it’s the same pattern. Those darn clouds may keep out our friendly sun but they blanket the earth and hold in warmth in the winter. Yesterday was quite clear and cold. And I discovered my limits for cold. I’m game for wandering and taking photos in cold weather as I’ve proven in places like Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy… But a cold day in those places is generally right around freezing, not 30 or 40 degrees (Fahrenheit guys, sorry, it’s all that makes sense to me as of yet). Whatever scale you use to measure it, cold is cold, and the last two days have been so. Today there were light clouds and sun in the morning, and it was just a little warmer. I wanted to take advantage … Continue reading

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